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Sherlock & Molly
You do count and I've always trusted you.
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06 09 13 - FicRec: Inverto
It's not exactly surprising. Too good to ignore though.

Inverto by nocturnias

Summary: Omegaverse AU. A lab experiment gone wrong changes Molly to an Alpha and Sherlock to an Omega.
Here's a list of a few fics to keep you busy over the weekend.

Never Ever by CreamoCrop
John Watson's advice to Sherlock upon how to secure his pathologist.
A rather funny and different fic, then those out there, which also uses John properly.
The man is no novice, when it comes to the ladies.

Invitation by Petra Todd
Sherlock receives a invitation to Molly's wedding, which prompts him to take action.
Of course it turns out rather differently than one would suspect.

In the End by Lono
A beautiful story about how our characters cope when it is announced that the world is ending.
There is no way to reverse it, and our hero and heroine must face the end.

Links of the Chain by Broomclosetkink
Absolutely stunningly written, which reduces the most of us into a flailing mess really.
Definitively a must-read.

Seven Deadly Sherlocks by MorbidbyDefault
A hysterical fic about Sherlock getting a bit of a kick in the head, before promptly going through the seven deadly sins.
No one would know that sinning is so much fun. Ok, probably some, oh, shut up. 
An absolutely lovely alternative-universe fanfic about souls from the famous Petra Todd.

Andromeda » by Petra Todd

By age 7, Sherlock Holmes knew two things with absolute certainty: that somewhere out there in the world he had a soulmate, and that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. Soulmates world AU.
Sherlock - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 3
It's a massive ficrec really, and the list can be found here too.

Rated K-T

Best Romance

We Move Lightly, Elixir B.B.
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Ginger Midgets, MorbidbyDefault
Six Names, Petra Todd
Her Last Bow, Petra Todd

Read more...Collapse )

I do love alternative universes, especially a universe I believe in that spins some amazing OC characters too. There's a lot of great things to be found in this fic, which I have taken quite quickly to heart. Let us sincerely hope it won't be long to a next chapter, honestly.

Sorcerer's Apprentice » by patemalah21
Molly thought her day was as bad as it could get and then she had the misfortune to meet a sorcerer named Sherlock of Holmes.
Sherlock - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 12
06 05 13 - Welcome
At the lack of a satisfying place to be at on livejournal, I found myself pressed to create a place that might just be a place to recommend fanfiction, and whatever tickles my fancy at the mere moment. I have tried to find some proper communities on the pairing, but have at the moment found none still active. Reviving an already existing one would be an idea, but somehow I found that much more tricky (in my head).

The ship is growing and has its own website - That is growing too, with its own forum and various pages that describe the ship. It is also the host of the SAMFAS for the Sherlolly-fanfiction out there. Yes, I call it Sherlolly instead of Mollock. Louise Brealey herself confirmed her own liking of the word "Sherlolly", which sounds much sweeter than Mollock does. It does though, haha.

I hope this can be a place for people to flourish instead of hide if they do ship it. There are of course alternatives such as tumblr at your disposal. Tumblr is rather brilliant and also growing. The website itself grew from there too, and I hope that many more things grow making our ship larger. I'm terribly fond of this ship, which is why I am making this community to back it up. If you ever doubt my sincerity on the matter you can look up my penname - conchepcion. I think I will have proven my sincerity on that point, at least.

Have a good shipping! 
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